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Q1). I’m not sure what size headstone to order. How do I find out?
A: One easy phone call to your cemetery will resolve any questions you have prior to ordering. Here are the 4 basic questions that you should ask your cemetery:
a.) "What size flat marker do you require for my specific plot?"
b.) "Is there any paperwork my monument company has to fill out and fax back to you?"
c.) "Do you install the headstone or is the monument company responsible?"
d.) "Are there any fees I have to pay you prior to receiving the headstone?"
Q2). My cemetery requires a different size stone from what is advertised on your website.
A: We carry the most common size headstones cemeteries require nationwide. Although, many cemeteries do require specific sized flat markers not advertised on our website. Rest assured, we handle every size flat headstone known to man. You can email, call, or live chat with a representative to get an instant quote for your specialty stone. You may also fill out our custom stone size form. Click here: Special Stone Size
Q3). Will you work one-on-one with my cemetery to insure everything goes smoothly?
A: Yes. We work with cemeteries on a national scale, daily. We’ve seen and done it all. Nothing surprises us anymore. And with that comes "Peace of Mind," for you and us, that your headstone will arrive safe and sound, leaving no stone unturned during the process.
Q4). Will my finished headstone look like the one I worked on in your website ?
A: Once you submit your order to us, our graphic design team will work out a computer generated proof and email a draft to you. It will be almost identical to what you worked on in our "Design Center." Once the preliminary proof is emailed to you, you must verify that everything looks correct before it goes into production. If you need some minor tweaking or modifications, simply reply to the email with your requests. We will make those changes for you and email you another draft to verify. It’s that simple.
Q5). Does the Cemetery need to approve the Headstone?
A: Most cemeteries require headstones to conform to their specific standards and regulations. One simple phone call to your cemetery will resolve any unforeseen issues.
Q6). How soon will I receive my marker?
A: You can expect to receive your marker typically in 6-8 weeks. It will take 4-7 weeks to produce your stone after we receive your order, and 1 week to ship it to you. Our Single-Plot headstones ship Fed Ex or UPS Ground. Larger Dual-Plot headstones ship on a pallet via freight truck.
Q7). Can I expedite my order?
A: Yes. The Headstone Guys has a Rush service, combined with expedited shipping if needed. Prior to placing your order, please Contact Us and let us know the date that you need your Headstone to arrive. We will then be able to let you know if your timeframe is possible and what the costs associated may be. Please be advised that expedited and/or Fed-Ex Overnight Shipping can be between $200-$400 additional charge.
Q8). Can I add a personal photograph to my headstone?
A: You sure can. All you need to do is fill out our Special Design Request form. Here you will be able to upload your personal photograph, tell us a little bit about your vision, and a member of our graphic design team will get back to you to polish up the details. We are very thorough and meticulous about custom orders and want you to be happy with your final purchase.
Q9). Can I request a design not in The Headstone Guys templates?
A: Yes, if you have a design request, we will work with you to create the exact marker you desire. We have a Special Design Request form for you, or you can call us at 877-291-8307.
Q10). Can I have 2 names on a smaller size marker?
A: Yes, the 36" Dual Marker is for 2 loved ones using a single plot. If you would like 2 names on a smaller size, you can use our Special Design Request form, or you can call us at 877-291-8307.
Q11). Where will my marker be shipped?
A: We can ship anywhere in the continental US. Typically, it is most convenient to ship your marker directly to where the marker will be installed. We will arrange the shipment with your cemetery.
Q12). Are these Headstones made out of Granite?
A: Absolutely, 100% YES. We use the best granites in the industry. Our Black Granite is the finest black found anywhere in the world. It comes only from India. Many other manufacturers use black granites from China which is far less superior to our India Black Granite. Our Red Granite is of premium grade and comes from India also. Our Gray Granite comes from Georgia, quarried and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. You are getting the best product possible.
Q13). How is my marker made?
A: The Headstone Guys creates markers using either a Traditional method, or a Laser method. Traditional markers are made by sand blasting your granite stone to a depth of approximately 1/8", and then apply a special paint to provide contrast to your stones natural color. Watch a video of a Traditional marker being made.
Laser markers are made with our state of the art laser engraving machine. Laser engraving allows us to produce finer detail in your marker. Watch a video of a Laser marker being made.
Q14). How do I have my marker installed?
A: The cemetery where the marker is to be installed will need to be contacted. They will confirm the size marker you choose meets their guidelines, and inform you of their installation fee. We can assist you with the arrangements.
Q15). Why are your Prices Less than everyone else?
A: Great question. Many people share your same concern, so we’ll give it to you "straight." Cemeteries and Funeral Homes selling headstones and monuments are going to have markups somewhere between 200%-300%. Why? Because they are the middle-man and need to make a profit. Your local headstone shops are going to sell the same stones we advertise for about 100% more than us. Why? Because they can and they do. So is your local monument company ripping you off? Most of them do not, but then again, some do. Unfortunately, it’s the few "bad seeds" that ruin the reputation of the monument industry as a whole. Most monument companies provide the same premium products we do, but because their production volume is low, they cannot compete with our low prices. That’s the bottom line.
Q16). What if my marker is lost or damaged during shipping?
A: We package your marker very carefully, but in rare event your marker is lost or damaged during shipping, we will replace it at no charge. Please contact us immediately so we can work with the shipper to resolve the claim.
Q17). Contact us with any questions, we are here to help.
A: You can call us at 877-291-8307
You can Email us.
You can visit us at 4682 E Weathermaker Ave., Fresno, CA 93703
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